What does it mean to call the clock in poker

What does it mean to call the clock in poker got a feeling tim hicks feat blackjack billy lyrics

I always call the clock. No you aren't laying down some monster. And also, would you be mad at someone calling the clock on you?

When the request to call the clock is made, the odes will be summoned to the table, timer in hand. Whaf While I am at it, does someone have a good site for learning poker terminology? I don't mind it much in cash but in tournaments it's a much bigger deal, especially turbos. Calling all in pre flop. The amount of time that a player has to act on their hand is undefined, but all players are expected to act within a reasonable time frame.

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Tony G calls the clock on Phil Hellmuth and Jennifer Tilly Definition of Call the Clock. In poker, to 'call the clock' means to challenge a player for taking too long to act. Once challenged, a player has a set amount of time. Before we get into the meat-and-bones of 'calling the clock' on an for example, the money on the line could mean more to one player than. What does it mean when a player calls the clock? Calling for a clock in a poker game.

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